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A vagina synonym is Pussy
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July 1
I am female and this is about my vagina.
*I'm mixed decent, so my vagina is tan/brown on the outside and gets to be a deep pinkish-red. Since my boy doesn't care if I shave or not, and I don't like being wild down there, I keep it trimmed short. Shaving tends to itch and hurt. *The labia are full as well, which makes it somewhat tricky to do anyway. Inside it's not very symmetrical, which I used to think was a problem, but now I know that's just me. I'm always at least a little moist, and obsessive about keeping clean. *My clitoris is hooded, and a bit difficult to find. That's okay though, because it's also very sensative and direct stimulation sometimes hurts. *I'd say the g-spot is only about an inch or so in, just behind a little bone. If I hook my finger back around it feels rough and bumpy, a little spongey. *Yes, I do ejaculate. It's only a very recent discovery, and somewhat weird, but I guess the best way to describe it is that it feels like peeing. I know it's not, I've assured myself over and over and over again, but that's pretty much what it's like. I press rub my g-spot a little, press it, and feel this building up... if I relax enough it just gushes out and all over. Very warm, very relaxing, very wonderful. But also very, very messy. *If I could change one thing, I'd make ejaculation less messy. It feels absolutely wonderful and my fiance likes it, but I hate the fact that so much liquid comes out. It's very surprising. I purposely empty my bladder right before, and still gush a mess all over the place. It doesn't smell like pee, it doesn't look like pee. It's completely clear. But the amount is really surprising!

July 1
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My fiancee's vagina is tan on the outside, much like the rest of her skin happens to be. There is some hair around it, but she keeps it very neatly trimmed and short, and it's very soft to touch. Her clitoris isn't particularly easy to see or spot, but she gets a lot of sensation out of it if it's touched directly.

I believe her vagina is somewhat deep when compared to the average, as it can accomodate me with no difficulties, and the entrance itself can range from extremely slick and easy to get into to dry and tight, depending on her mood. I believe I can feel the cervix in certain positions, but I'm not entirely positive on that.

The G-spot feels like a rougher spot on the upper part of the inside, and if it is stimulated enough, she will ejaculate. It feels a lot thinner than semen, and comes out very warm. It's also clear and smells sweet, and a whole lot comes out.

She calls it her place, as she doesn't much like most of the names for it, including the real one. As for changing anything about it, I don't believe I would. It's beatuiful and perfect the way it is, and I'm slowly begining to learn how it works.

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July 2
I am female and this is about my vagina.
deep pink loose skin. clit is large and red with end like tiny penis. Opening is deep and I can feel the cervix with inserted finger or hand. The g-spot is tucked up and when rubed the sensation is pure heaven. I call mine the shoe box because I hide my dildos in a shoe box under my bed. I have what I believe to be ejaclate and it is a clear thick sticy substance and I estimate two to three tablespoons each time, occasionally more. If I could I would change the taste of the ejaculate to be a sweeter fruit flavor.

July 2
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina is smooth and rosy pink. There is a little hair because it is shaved sometimes. The labia are soft and thick, and form a picture frame around the clitoris and vagina. You can see the clitoris and vaginal opening in full view without having to spread the labia. My vaginal opening is in full view, and you can see what looks like the muscular walls at the opening. I can't feel my cervix, although I've tried so it must be deep. I have found the G-spot, which feels like a bump with ridges. It doesn't ejaculate per se, but it gets very wet on its own without manual stimulation. I think it is really nice looking since I've lost a lot of weight, and wouldn't change a thing about it. This site is a nice way to compare without all the smut, thank you.

July 4
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina is covered with a sparse layer of dark hair. Now I have a little gray mixed in there. My outer lips are fleshy and soft. My clitoris is prominent and usually wet. I have a deep opening. I don't usually feel my cervix of g-spot. I don't have an nickname for my vagina and I don't ejaculate. I wish I was brave enough to shave my vagina as I think I would look younger and the air would feel good on it.

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July 5
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I have been told I have a very large vagina, and I guess that's true from what I have seen. The skin around the labia is darker in color than the rest of my skin. It spreads about an inch wide around the vaginal area and extends a full five inches from the top of my lips to the bottom. The lips protrude an inch or more. If I stand naked and spread my legs, you can see their extension. The lips are sort of brown and pink and the skin is rough. When I spread them, the interior is very pink. The entry to my vagina is very large and the vagina itself is very deep. It's pretty easy to get my fist inside. My clitoris is easy to find, though not very large. It is very sensitive and comes to orgasm easily. I do not know what a G spot is, and I do not every feel my cervix. I am not sure if I ejaculate. A couple of times I discharged a little urine when having an orgasm. One time while having and orgasm during masturbation and another time while getting oral sex, I discharged fluid that could have been ejaculation. It felt and tasted like my normal vaginal fluid, but it came out sort of like a man's ejaculation. I wish I did not have so much pubic hair. I don't mind keeping it trimmed, but I hate shaving or waxing. The hair is dark brown and starts midway between my navel and vagina and spreads fully eight inhes across my belly down around my vagina, and up to my anus. I would change that.

July 5
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I am a female and this is about MY vagina!to it is something very special because it is always horny.i masturbate to it every 3 hours. im not sick its just natiral.mine is very HUGE!it is a really dark color and it looks like a dried raisin.i have a lot of hair...but I love to trim it once in a while!

July 6
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
it is very dark; its very smoth; the labia is kinda like a s shape; the vaginal opening is very deep; we call it mummys little project; the ejaculation is very sweet and sticky and it tastes really yummy; I would take out all 12 piercings if I could

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July 7
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina is pinkish in rest and turns deep red when I get turned on. The outer lips are soft with the inner lips folded inside the outer lips, yet visible. The clitoris is small and hidden between the small folds of the inner lips. The clitoris appears clearly when I am aroused and it swells up showing itself with pride. The vaginal opening looks like a long line with the inner lips a bit visible. My G-spot is like a sponge the texture of a strawberry. When putting my middle finger in my vagina making circular movements - with the hand palm on the pubic hair - letting the finger come up and go, the g-spot gets more and more swollen and I get a tingling sensation allover my body. When I press the G-spot in a certain rhythm it really turns me on. I can enjoy this for sometimes half an hour or more. It gives me a special orgasm with deep relaxation. I ejaculate a little bit. The fluid is crystal clear and smells good. I would prefer smaller inner lips. However my lips offer me so much exitement that after all I would keep them like they are.

July 7
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My wifes vagina is beautiful, totally covered from anus to just below her belly button ,it is course dark brown and very thick hair.If you spread her pussy lips apart she is usually always wet and has a wonderful smell and taste and when aroused she leaks lots of juice.Her lips are very thick and the inside protrudes out and her ctit is on the top and is exposed all the time and when she wears pants unless she has a pad on she will have orgasms as she walks.she also is very large inside and can easily handle a fist in her.She had a very abusive husband that ruined her vagina or so she thought.Then she met me and I am totally impotent and can not get any erection but I am totally satisfied with performing oral sex on her for hours and treating her with love and she adores it when I go down on her at night and love her till she falls asleep.I would not change a thing about this wonderful vagina and since I am impotent size doesn,t matter.In my case bigger is better and I have become an addict to her vagina and she loves me for treating her with respect and loving her wore out vagina as she says, but I love it signed vagina lover forever

July 8
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Outside is brownish, pink. Noticeable lips without being too fleshy. Skin is soft to touch. Clit is medium to small, whitish pink, and easy to find. Vaginal opening is reasonably wide and not too shallow. I've never noticed the cervix. Her pussy hair is thinning a bit now - she's 56 too - is light brown in colour and runs around her pussy lips. Pussy tastes really cool.

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July 10
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My boyfriend calls it Florisita. My pussy is covered with thick black hair, except for the bikini area. My lover likes it bushy. I have tidy lips, major and minor. My clit is hooded, but when my boyfriend is eating me out, it gets hard and comes out for his lovily tongue lashing.

The inside is pink and I get very wet when excited.