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June 1
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
I had never seen a woman's vagina until one day my girl friend and I were out on a drive at night and she told me she had to pee. We were out in the country and there was no restroom available so we pulled into a farmer's driveway and in a clump of bushes she pulled her panties off and half squatted and let out a huge stream. That made me have to pee too and I pulled my penis out, hard and stiff, and got it to pee too. We got back in the car but she didn't put her panties back on. I asked if I could see her vulva as she had seen my penis and she reluctantly agreed and I got to see and feel of it. She was young and had very little hair and the two lips were sort of open showing a pink crack. She let me touch it and I pulled the lips apart and at the top there was what looked like a little boy's penis almost a half inch long with a head that looked like mine with the skin pulled back. As I touched it it began to get bigger and almost stood out. As I was familiar with boy's penis and had sucked several I leaned down and smelled a sort of pungent odor not unlike some penises, maybe a little stronger, but it turned me on and I took it in my mouth licking and sucking on the lips making her squirm and it got bigger and I licked and sucked harder and brought her to orgasm where she bucked and moaned. As soon as he came down she took my penis in her hands and was rubbing it and leaned down and took it in her mouth and began sucking on it until I orgasmed too.------We relaxed a while talking but I suggested we get in the back seat and I lay on top of her 69 so we could lick and suck each other at the same time. I lost track of how many times we orgasmed that night, she more than me as she wanted me to do it more and she would suck me even though it wasn't erect. Needless to say that wasn't the last time we played.

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June 1
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
slightly tanned and smooth and also a tiny bit plump. the clit is not too big not too small and easy to find its very sensitive, I do circular movemonets with my middle finger, and when its really good for her n she moves a bit, then does a really deep breath I slowly slip my finger back down for her to calm a bit. its deep I can get both fingers right up, I can feel the cervix but dont concentrate to much on it, I rub my fingers up the side smoothly, it gives her what looks like some good pleasure.i havnt found the g-spot though ):-( lol nope no nickname,and havnt done it long enough for her to ejaculate yet, but she becomes sexually aroused quick, and it gets quite wet by the time ive played n turned her on a bit. Its 100%perfect

June 2
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
The external lips are clean shaven with dark tuft at the top. The inner lips protrude and are pink. She is always wet and ready. The clit is visable when aroused. She is in her mid 50's but is as tite as a virgin. She squirts freely. She sits on my face and I drink her cum. The best is when she is menstruating. 1st I fuck her to get the flow up,then she sits on my face and I lick the blood and cum off and drink it. My face is like that of a feeding lion after stained red with blood and I love it. To finish I cum and eat myown cum

June 3
I am female and this is about my vagina.
my vagina is my flesh is smoothe....except for the fact that my inner labia hangs out about 1-2 centimeters out of my outer lips...i have never had sex...or been sexually active...and I don't know if that is the reason that has happend...the g-spot is like up there....

my problem is that my boyfriend has been sexualy he hasn't had sex..but he's been talking to me about like things he's done to other girls..and stuff he's had done to himself..and I love him soo much..and I really don't want to loose him because im afraid that if he like fingers me...he'll go around telling everybody that my vagina is weird........i really don't know what to never hurts...but im afraid to let him touch me because I don't want him to think im a freak

June 3
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My outer vagina has full white lips and I keep it shaved. It is very soft and moist. My lips are full enough that my opening stays closed unless I spread my legs really wide or seperate them with my fingers, etc. My clit is pretty easy to find. My opening is probably a medium depth. I have never felt my cervix. When I get turned on I get VERY wet, and I cum when I have an orgasm. It usually seeps out and is a clear/white color substance. I would not change anything about my vagina, I think it is perfect.

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June 6
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My girlfriends vagina is about 3 inches long. It is mostly pink but more brown color on the inside labia which extends out about a quarter inch. I love to pull her labia. She has a small clit and it really doesn't get her excited. She loves me going to the G spot. She gets very wet when she is excited but I don't think she ejaculates. Overall, I would give it an average for appearance it is not precisely formed but not back either.

June 10
I am female and this is about my vagina.
my vagina is tight like a cat's arse. it is silky smooth and devoid of fuzzy hair. it is pinky in colour and feels like a trouts lips. my lips are 6 inches in length and these give a new definition to camels toe! They are mahousive! Although big on the outside nice and tight on the inside. My clitoris is pierced three times, which is very nice, thank you. I call my vagina cookin fat, because it's tight like a cat's arse! I only ejaculate when my boyfriend's finger is up my arse, his tongue is through my clitoris rings and his nose is in my fanny. and then it is like a humungous explosion of love juice. If I could change my vagina I would have room for seven more rings so my boyfriends could all get involved, one ring for each boyfriend!

June 10
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
my partner's vagina is crusty on the outside as she always has thrush. the texture is gratey. her labia are like a coal miners hands fat, swollen, dark and rough. I have never bothered to look any further to find her clitoris. she is so loose I am thinking of getting carpet fitters in! Can't be arsed to find the G spot. I call her vagina wookey hole, it's big and dark and very scary. She has been known to ejaculate but thankfully I have been on the other end of the phone when this has happened, as the neighbours complained because they thought we had burst a water main. If I could change my partner's vagina I would prefer it to be somebody elses. (think she's dumped)

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June 13
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
my wife's vagina is small, tight, wet and lovely. It is pinkish brown. Her clitoris is small and somewhat difficult to locate. She loves to have it stroked in a slow circular motion. As she becomes more aroused she responds to a faster, harder rubbing. Just as she approaches climax she likes a penetrating motion. One or two fingers thrust in and out of the vagina cause a deep and satisfying climax.

June 15
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I love my vagina,and it feels goodwhen I stick ice cubes up is always tight,my husband says after having 3 kids, hes amaze that im always so tight.i have alot of pubic hair, and once in a while,ill shave my pussy.Im built small ,but when it comes to sex,im very good at lips inside are small and cute,when my husband licks me with his tongue to drives me nuts.He goes down deep inside me as if he burried his penis clear through my body.Im a white female,my clitorus is nice and thick,everything about my pussy,my husband cant get enough of,We have sex 3 times a night-and still im always tight when he sinks is cock inside me,and o-does it feel good )I have even had ice cees up inside me for flavor.