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A vagina synonym is Pussy
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Vagina Survey
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March 2
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
I love the beauty of my wife's pussy. And to watch it change as aroused. Her outer lips keep her pretty closed up. But with minor stimulation they open wide. Her inner lips swell and protrude like a sweet little pink rose. Her clit swells and darkens ever so slightly. Sometimes I just gaze in awe at it's simple beauty. I love it's taste, I run a finger up to her G, it swells a bit too. If I'm hitting it right, and off her clit too long she'll use two fingers to rub her clit. With me on the G, her on her clit she'll go off. I can't say I've ever seen her squirt, but several times I gulped in some pretty good amounts of excess juice at orgasm. She's a big girl, I alway figured she was deeper than I could ever hit bottom on, but she recently has told me I have bottomed out. Her pussy hair is lengthy, but so soft. Her juices are fairly strong, but I love it. She always reffered to it as down below. She seemed uncomfortable talking about it. Now we do discuss her vagina, I do tell her that her pussies sweet. But it's still very personal for her. I like to mention my cock to her. I think she thinks it a strong, impressive term. She certainly has squoze plenty out of it with her little down below.

March 16
I am female and this is about my vagina.
Outside appearance, dark pink, smooth and a little stretchy, with a little bit ot texture at the end of the inner labia. The labia majora are small sized but very close together and narrow. Clitoris is very tiny, and hidden very deep, and is usually a deep pink, and when aroused very bright red. The opening is very tight, but extremely, extremely deep (probably because I'm ridiculously tall?), I can't reach my cervix, but my bfs can and he is about 7.5. G-spot is reached semi-hardly (because of depth I guess), if I reach (while lying on my back) with my palm faced downward, and push my finger upward when inside, there it is, and it has quite a lot of heavy tissue. My vagina doesn't have a first name! I stick to saying vulgar terms like simply, twat, snatch. Just the truth. I have never tried actual 'female-ejaculation' aka squirting, but I do have a very heavy 'ejaculation' at an orgasm, and it lasts a little while. I wouldn't change anything. I don't like it being so narrow, but otherwise it is fine. My inner labia are small, but they stick out-- and I don't really like that either. I'd like to be really pink too. Oh well!

March 17
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
I am a Male and this is a new relationship with a lady who is over 50 but vagina was almost a virgin. No recent intercourse and only penis was very short and thin. Vagina is light pink, soft and very smooth; labia were very small but are stretching with pulling/sucking and getting longer. Clitoris was deep in folds and is more visible now. Can feel her Gspot 2-3 inches inside vagina. Opening was very small and has stretched with intercourse; actually hymen bleeding for a first few times. Hysterectomy allows vagina to take an 8 X 6 penis, she takes and needs it all. Jamie is vagina's name. Jimmy is my penis, my name is James/Jim. As her climaxes has started and matured, she is now ejaculating some. Working on 2 changes, getting Clitoris more exposed for oral and intercourse and elongating her inner lips for personal preference; now they show even with relaxed unexcited vagina closed.

March 17
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina is average I guess. The only thing that is bothersome to me is my mons is fat. It has always been that way, even when I was very thin. I am a very hairy person, so I have to do alot of shaving to keep things under control. I don't think it looks much different than all the others otherwise. My labia stay closed unless I am aroused. My clitoris is easy to find, very sensitive. Cannot tolerate direct touch!! Responds very nicely to sideways flicking with a tounge, doesn't really like the lollipop approach. I guess my vagina is deep--I don't know. I have never been one to insert anything into myself. I have never touched my own cervix-- my husband has when he is using his fingers. Nice sensation. :-) The G-spot, I have not ever touched one, but when my husband uses his fingers, and does the come here, it definitly hits it!! My vagina does not have a nickname. It does ejaculate, and it is messy (in a good way). My husband says it tastes good. GROSS. I guess the only thing I would change is the fat mons I mentioned earlier. Otherwise, it has served me very well!!

March 19
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My outer labia are slightly darker in colour than the rest off my skin, they are quite compact looking and are covered in dark brown pubic hair. My clitoris is easy to find as the 'hood' is easy to see, although the actual clitoris is of a small/medium size and quite sensitive to the touch. My inner lips are small and completely covered by the outer labia and are pink in colour turning a darker reddish-pink when aroused and after stimulation. im not sure whether my vagina is deep or shallow as I havn't had sex yet, altough my boyfriend says that he can feel the cervix at times but im not sure if that's what he's feeling. For some reason, when I try and look for my g- spot it seems to disappear, however my boyfriend finds it easily. He says its quite deep in, when he rubs it, it feels like heaven!! I usually prefer him fingering me inside rather than clitorally as I absolutely LOVE that feeling and can reach orgasm clitorally myself. I don't remember how it got this name but as a code-word when dirty-talking in public, it is often referred to as Patricia (pussy?? I dont know really). I have occaisionally been able to ejaculate while masturbating using a vibrator on my clitoris, it looked like a stream of whitish-clear coloured liquid coming from where I pee. The ejaculation itself is not really pleasurable, however the orgasm it is accompanied by are extremely so. I wouldnt change anything about my pussy, I love it the way it is and I think its pretty, and so does my boyfriend. So, thats all that matters!!

March 19
I am female and this is about my vagina.
Um, the vagina is such an important part of a woman's sexal makeup and sex drive, soft and pliable. The opening is deep and inviting, perfect for a penis to invade so sweetly.Thec clitoris..ah, sweet mystery and so, so hidden until a brush with the fingers or other stimulation brings it out in its full glory, ready to be kissed, fondled. The cervix and G-spot can indeed be felt, the G-spot being farther into the cervix and so delicate, needing to be touched. The vagina does indeed ejaculate when the clitoris has been stimulated to that wonderful state where the sky opens up, the stars shine and heaven seems to be centered in that one spot. I wouldn't change a thing about the human body, lovely sexual intercourse or masturbation, for its all in nature's great plan!

March 20
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My wife's vagina is very nicely appointed and attended. She tends to keep herself very well groomed (though neither of us prefer the completely hairless look), and she smells and tastes great! Her labia majora are of moderate thickness; her labia minora are of moderate thickness and relatively shallow depth; her clitoris and hood are of small to average size, but not at all difficult to find. My wife frequently needs extra lube during intercourse or toy play, but that's not at all a problem, just an additional few seconds interlude when needed (she loves the time I take to get her there, so, no, it's generally not a matter of me rushing before she's ready - although we do choose to rush sometimes!).

I infrequently strike her cervix during passionate thrusting, which is uncomfortably for her; changing position slightly usually alleviates this by changing the geometry so that I strike the back of her vaginal cavity to either side of her cervix, or else don't penetrate so deeply. We LOVE her G-spot, particularly in combination with cunnilingus or toys. My index and middle fingers reach it perfectly when curved slightly upward with my palm upward and her body facing up (I have delicate 'pianist's hands' with relatively short fingers (3.5 middle)). Her G-spot is slightly concave and flexible to the touch, and almost feels like the roof of a mouth, but softer, with firmly swollen fleshy ridges about 1/16 tall and approx. the same distance apart, perpendicular to the vaginal cavity.

March 21
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
y partners vagina is very neat and well formed from the outside. Sometimes in the summer months she shaves her dark hair from her labia leaving only a close cropped triangle on her pubic mound. when she is standing there is a very attractive cleff visible between her thighs bordered my the slight plumpness of her Labia. Looking between her legs, the inner lips are mostly compact but a little wider at the base near the vaginal opening. they are light brown in colour and have the same consistency as the pottoms of my ear lobes. Her Vaginal opening always appears closed exept immidiatelly after Intercourse. Her clitoris is not really visible but can be felt (especially with the tounge) as a firmer area than around it. She alsohas a very well formed Urethural opening like a little volacano. If I insert a finger I can find a spongy area on the frontal wall of her Vagina that is very sensitive. She does not ejaculate as such but if I give he oral sex until she climaxes at that moment she tastes salty.

March 22
I am female and this is about my vagina.
Its usually moist and covered in hair the left inner labia is about and inch long and goes from the clitorus to around the vaginal opening the right hand one is very smallhalf an inch if I pull on it hard and stops half way to the vagina. My G spot is easy to find an inch inside the opening and is very rough My clitorus is small and hidden I dont have a long part going from the top with a clitorus on the end its just a little bead like a split pea where the labia start. What would I change most of it I would like labia that wer both like my left one and a clitorus that was a lot bigger and less hair none on my thighs and less all over I think my vagina could also be longer some times men go in to deep and it feels too full and uncomfortable.

March 26
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
I prefer women who shave their genitals completely bald. I also prefer an inner labia that is not all that pronounced. I find large lips flapping to be unattractive. The clitoris is easy to find on most women altough some hid as she approaches orgasm. Women who have learn to excercise their pc muscle have tighter vaginias. Case in point, you'd never know my wife had had a baby vaginially by having intercourse with her! The G-spot is just inside behind the pubic bone. Strkw this area with two fingers and watch the pleasure it produces for her ;) Vagina nick-name is pussy. I have only know a couple of women to ejaculate when they cum...very cool though. Remove all the pubic hair is all I'd change. Every woman I've ever been with has been shaved either before me or by me.

March 29
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina is wonderful! I have small outside lips, and large inside lips. My vagina is dark on the outside and bright pink on the inside. I have a deep hole and normal size clit. If my partner has a big penis I can feel him hit my cervix, otherwise I cannot. I have never been stimulated by the g-spot, but I do know where it, up, and to the left there is a soft, spongy ball. Once rubbed it will normally get bigger and harder (learned from yrs of masterbation). Sometimes this stimulation will lead to ejactulation (somewhat like a male). I have only been able to ejaculate once, and it was on my own...the fluid was kinda cloudy, but not white, and there was alot of it. I cant say that my vagina has a nickname. If I could change anything about it....i think I would get rid of the large outer lips, and maybe a bigger clit! Almost all of my climaxes have been from either oral sex, or masterbation.

March 31
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
bmy partner's vigina's outside appearance is dark in color being of oriental descent with the texture of soft, smooth and very well rounded. The labia round and very full, about 2 to 2.5 inches in length. The clitoris is small and hard to find, but it gives great satisfaction once it is located. The vaginal opening is small to medium and after arousal and usage becomes not too large, and medium to deep, which is not a problem, even though my penis is not large, although the wife's former husbands' were larger, she is totally satisfied with mine as she feels it is the perfect fit. I can feel the cervix with my fingers and my penis at times. Just started with experimentation on the G Spot, will comment on this at a later time. My nickname for my wife's vagina is My Golden Brown Delight which was give this name of being golden brown and tastes yummy. Ejaculations have not been experienced yet. I would only change my endowment with a couple inches more as my wife's vagina is pefect, and she still says my penis is more than perfect and is always totally 1000% satisfied. There is nothing about her I would change, the appearance beautiful, the smell is wonderful and the taste is even better.

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