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Vagina Survey
A sociological study.

May 18
I am female and this is about my vagina.
Until recently I did not realize that women's vaginas differed so in size, color, etc. I have only seen three other women's vaginas in person, so the vagina photos on the site are very interesting to me. If I use a mirror and look at my vagina, the lips seems large, not puffy but very prominent. I have to spread my pubic hair to get a good view. When I spread my lips, I see a large opening. It appears deep. I have never been with a man who was too big for me, and I have used large dildos while having sex or while masturbating. The flesh color inside is very pink. My clitoris appears small until I touch it. When aroused it is double, maybe triple normal size. When masturbating or aroused during sex my vagina generates a lot of fluid that is nearly clear, somewhat sticky and has a medicine taste. After comparing my vagina to those shown in the photos, I think it looks good

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May 19
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My wifes vagina is a light pink,that when aroused becomes slightly redder ,but becomes very wet and opens up very much.We both love how much it opens so much and is so sensitive that I gently suck and just that gets her off many times and she gets all red and super sensitive and have to stop.I personally love it as I am impotent but still take pride in giving the women I love satisfaction

May 20
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My inner lips are dark and protrude a lot, especially at the top. They get larger when I am turned on. Some women say I look gross. I love having 'flaps'. I often sit with my fingers just snuggled between my lips. My clit is very easy to find. When erect you can see it poking its nose out through my panties. My cervix feels like hard jelly with a deep dimple in the middle. I can wobble my cervix between 2 fingers as a way of masturbating. My G-spot is easy to find. It is an area 3 finger tips wide. The center is 2 knuckles in on the roof of my vagina and feels like corduroy ribs running side to side. Hard pulsing pressure on my G-Spot always gives me an orgasm. Even if I am not in the mood, my partner can make me come by pressing on my G-Spot. I don't ejaculate when I come. I lubricate quickly and can produce a lot of wetness but my juice isn't as slippy as most guys cum. I am embarrassed that my husband can fist me so easily. It feels great but I wish I were tighter.

Nude Male Pictures
Free Picture Site - In many societies, the nude body is considered similar to a work of art. This site is an introduction to pictures of over one hundred different nude men.

Nude Female Pictures
Free Photo Site - In many cultures around the world, the nude female body is considered a work of art. This site is an intro to a nude-study project that has over one hundred different nude women.

May 20
I am female and this is about my vagina.
The skin around my vagina is darker and more textured than my flesh. It extends a couple of inches on each side. The lips are large and protrude. Inside is pinkish. My clit is large, easy to see. Responds easy to any touch. I orgasm easily, sometimes two or three times when having sex or masturbating. Frequently but not always large amounts of liquid come from my vagina during orgasm when I masturbate or have sex. I guess that's ejaculation. It feels and tastes different from the usual fluid in my vagina

May 20
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I call it my peachfish. My outer lips are puffy. You can tell when I am horny because my dark inner lips suddenly peak out. Even when it is erect, I have to pull the hood back to actually see the tip of my clitoris but it works just fine. Sometimes I like to look in my vagina with a mirror after screwing or dildoing becasue it looks different each time! Sometimes it is a wide open tunnel and I can see the cervix. Often it is swollen inside and I can't see far up at all. My cervix feels like a rubber nob. Pushing up hard on it, almost pounding it, with a penis or dildo is the only way for me to avoid menstrual cramps. My G-spot is a bumpy area on the top wall of my vagina and just the perfect distance inside for me to find with my finger tips. I guess I am fairly deep. I enjoy having things pushed up quite far. I can walk around with an 8 dildo inside and it won't drop. I do kegles as part of masturbating so I have good clamping. I lubricate just thinking about sex but I don't think I ejaculate. I wish I wasn't so hairy and a bigger clit would be nice.

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May 21
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My sisters mound is soft and smooth on the outside and slippery and complicated in the middle. I thought the labia were the lips inside her mound. They are dark pink and wrinkly. Her clitoris is the bright pink tip that sticks out at the top of her lips. Her opening is just below her pee hole. It is deep. I haven't found her cervis or her G- spot but I keep feeling around inside. So does she. She calls it her cunny. She orgasms but doesn't ejaculate, I do and she ejaculates me. If I could change her I would move her pee hole because she tastes bad except after a bath.

May 22
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Looks absolutly delicious as a matter of fact, it was made to be eaten. He clit is easy to find and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It is always wet and the way it opens up for me is a work of art. When she gets off its like a tidal wave and it just gets all over me. I like to call it Yum Yum.Yes I can feel her cervix. It feels just like the tip of my nose and she loves it when I play with ti. She really likes it when I push my crank up against it real hard when we are making love

May 22
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
All covered with hair. The labia and the clitoris attract my attention. I like it when the legs are open and the tender female personal parts are in full view. The clitoris is normally under the hood but when aroused it swells and protrudes. it's sort of wet and always damp. it is easy to find and when aroused, is a couple of inches long, under the pubic hair. During orgasm it sort of retreats and the inner lips pulsate. She likes to masturbate & I like to watch. During orgasm she presses a bit harder and slows the rubbing. Her masturbation orgasms seem to last 10 to 12 sesconds and she says her intercourse orgasms about 3 or 4 or 5 seconds. I gather that why she likes masturbating the best. I do NOT like shaven pussies - reminds me of little girls

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May 22
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I have touched and probed my vagina and those of other women for many years. I have never thought about describing mine. If I look at it, my vagina has prominent but not thick, light colored lips. I don't shave, but there is very little hair. By spreading the lips, I easily see my clit. It's very large and sensitive. I reach orgasm easily. Inside is light pink. I have inserted dildos of up to nine inches with no discomfort. With a little lubrication, I can insert a dildo of two or three inches in diameter with no pain. My vagina seems larger than most women's. I can feel my cervix. I don't know what a G spot is. When having sex or masturbating, I have lots of fluid, but I don't think I ejaculate. I do not know how I would change my vagina. Bigger lips maybe.