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Vagina Pictures
Vagina Photos
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February 9
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vaginal outside appearance is smooth with no hair as I wax on a regular basis. The outer lips are quite puffy in appearance and protrude quite a lot and normally a deep pink colour. This colour increases to more red when I am in an aroused condition, they also become more puffy and swollen. My clitoris is very easy to find. When aroused it feels like a little hard lump and is exposed. When not aroused, it feels softer and smaller and tends to be behind my vaginal lips which need to be spread open to expose it. I am sure, and have been told that I have a shallow vaginal opening. A much deeper red inside and the actual opening seems to be more open if I am aroused. I havent felt my cervix but I think sometimes when I use my sex toy the tip touches it which sends me wild with pleasure. My G spot is very easy to find and about 2 inside my vagina opening near the pubic bone. I think its about 1/2 in size and feels a little bit like velvet and spongy to touch when aroused. If I stimulate it for only a few seconds, it gives me an amazing orgasm. I refer to my vagina as my pussy. I dont know where the name comes from but I know a lot of other people refer to the vagina under this name. It can sometimes ejaculate especially with g spot stimulation or with bigger than normal orgasms. Sometimes there can be quite a lot of watery like fluid expelled and other times just a dribble of a more milky looking fluid. When it first starts it feels like I want to pee but ends up as an almighty orgasm which leaves me shaking for a while afterwards. The only thing I would probably like to change about my vagina is its general shape. When I am nude, even when standing up with my legs together, every can see my upper parts of my vaginal lips and clitoris if Im aroused.

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February 11
I am female and this is about my vagina.
Okay lets try and describe it Well the outside lips are kind of a purplish color and other than some hairs they ar every smooth. My labia, one side of the lips is much longer than the other and the longer one kind of dangles outside of my lips when I stand up. I used to think I was deformed or I had injured myself in some way when I was younger but now I know thats normal. my clitoris is very small and the hood is as well. I dont know if it is very hard to find or not. I think my vaginal opening is deep and I can feel my cervix if I slip a finger in there and feel around. I have never felt my g spot. I dont really have a nickname for it but my friends and I joke around alot and call it various names, like pussy, beaver, coochie, cooter etc..although sometimes we just refer to it as the vagina. Mine does not ejaculate, that I know of. I would probably change the color to be more pink instead of purpleish red and I would probably want my one long labia shorter, oh and of course less hair!

February 12
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I am completely shaved, allowing me and my partner access to and visibility of my vaginal area more easily. I am an overweight , middle aged woman. I have had 5 kids as well as 4 MAJOR surguries that were accessed through the vagina.(complete hysterectomy along with an entrocele, rectocele,and cystocele repair. The hysterectomy was to correct a 90% uterine prolapse) I have extensive scarring that ,at times, cause me pain, though my partner says he can't feel them. The exterior appearance is also unusual, I have one side (lip) of my labia that is much larger than the other, in effect covering the vaginal entrance. The enlarged lip is much less sensitive than the smaller. My clitoris is also unusual. It is very large, becoming almost 3 1/2 when fully aroused. The unusual size of my clitoris causes it to rub on my clothing which, in turn, keeps me in a state of early arousal most of the time. The G-spot doesn't play a large role in my orgasms. With my clitoris engorged most of the time, my orgasms are generally due to direct clitoral stimulation. My orgasms DO bring a rush of vaginal fluids, though not like a man, nor like one sees in porno movies. There is a definately rush, then pooling of fluid and if stimulation is not kept at a steady rate, I then become too dry to continue intercourse. The only thing I might consider changing would be the way the one side of my labia is so much larger than the other. It doesn't cause any problems or discomfort, but it LOOKS unusual.

February 20
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
My wife's usually shaven. I shave her because her external genitalia is too gorgeous to be hidden by hair. Her labia is deep pink and when she is aroused it blushes with a deep magenta out line on the edges. Her clit is small and hidden by a hood but when aroused it peaks out begging to be revealed and it is easily uncovered by pressing on her pubis.Her opening to the vagina is oval and tight.Her inner lips are small and purple, ususally shinning with wetness. She produces less lubricant than she used to so we supplement with saliva or slippery stuff. She is 52 years of age. Her depth varies with the degree of excitement. I am considered of average penis size, 6 and I can and do bump her cervix. Her G spot is anterior and about one inch deep. It is raised and a little larger than a dime.Manual pressure on her spot will make her cum hard,especially if I suck her clitoris at the same time. She will have 15 to 20 contractions, deep and slow lasting aboyt 20 seconds, leaving her breathless and flushed. We have no name for her vagina but I tell her of it's beauty and describe it's beauty to her all the time. When she has a powerful orgasm, yes she expresses some ejaculate. It flows it does not squirt. I would not change anything about her vagina.

February 20
I am female and this is about my vagina.
I sometimes love my vagina. I look at my natural 34D breats in the mirror, tight stomach, and lovely hips than start feeling myself up. I put my fingers gently on my clit, and spread open my large lips (part I'm not sure if I like). However, it's so warm and soft inside and very wet. Sometimes I let it get a bit hairy, but my hair is very thin and soft. Usually I keep it bald eagle, and my lips pertrude out slightly I think it's womanlike to see this, and sometimes would like to show more people my vagina, but am shy sometimes. Also, I don't know if men like larger labia - one larger than the other. My clit gets stimulated really easy. I like wearing no jeans, and having the material rub across my clit as I'm walking. I can get off by this.

February 21
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Light pink flesh colour Labia is thick and often difficult to seperate so can get my finger inside. The clitorous is easy to find, not more than one inch long and very sensitive to touch. The vaginal opening is very soft and sensitive inside,must be moderately shallow, because often when having sex she will ask me to withdraw a bit. About halfway the length of my middle finger on the inner font wall of the vgina is the g-spot it sweels when I touch it. No nickname. sometimes thick white almost like sperm I dont know if this is normal, ejaculate is slippery and silklike.

February 22
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
The outside her encompases her inner lips, what I would call full and puffy inclosing her inner lips. Color is pinkiss in tone and realitively smooth. Her inner lips become a bit larger and I like and suck them into my mouth.

Her clitoris it a med at first, but with more excitement it grows larger, the skin around it also becomes more full than when first starting to play. I can slide back the skin around her clit and I can see it quite plaining. It too becomes full and I play with her.

Her vaginal opening, opens up quite easily as she gets more aroused. I have my hand in almost all the way. I have with my ex wife, felt her cervix and found it very pleasing to the tip of my penis, but in the case of my new love, I have not felt it as of yet.

My experience since coming to know about this spot is limited to only 3 women, in all of them while looking for it, I have felt what is described. It feels a bit rougher than the rest of of the inside, as I finger and a bit harder.

No nick name for the vagina.

In orally pleasing, I have not experienced the ejaculating pussy. I have though tasted and felt a larger flow of juices as they cum.

I love a bit meater pussy lips. I love streching them into my mouth.

February 24
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Very hairy, the colour is brownish/purple. The labia is very long and prominent,visually very appealing. The clitoris is very prominent. from the outside it looks tight and small but when I penetrate her, it feels quite slack. Yes I can feel the cervix but as I say not tight. Yes if I hook my finger inside I can feel it. No nickname for the vagina. Yes she ejacultes sometimes. It is very clear almost like water, when it dries on the sheets it leaves a deposit which is looks a bit like salt. No its perfect I love the big lips which I can and do play with for ages, stroking, kissing and licking them. I wish women weren't so self concious about big lips as most men love them. I have heard there is a trend now in America for some women to have them reduced, so they look virginal. I'm afraid that get me a bit angry. Be proud of your vagina, whatever it looks like. I also like the fact that she is so hairy. That also bucks the trend of shaving. I also like the fact that she isn't too tight. This means it takes me quite a long time for me to come, but then I have a massive orgasm. All in all a vagina for men not little boys who want to bang and go. Quite obviously I wouldn't change anything about it. Some detail on female ejaculation. The best way to achieve it from what I can tell is to stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time. I would like to add that I love big labia so much that I once went down on the biggest labia I have ever seen, including films and mags and yes on the net. Maybe a bit foolish to do it But I figured shes having protected sex, and yes I would do it again.

February 27
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Her outer labia are puffy and expose the inner labia which protrude slightly. Both are darker than the surrounding skin, the inner labia being quite brown. When parted the inner skin is pink. The clit is quite small and almost imperceptible even when she is fully aroused, although the labia become very engorged and wet. The vaginal opening is rather small and tight, even though she has had 4 children. I would say it is average in depth. If I am very deep in her, my penis will touch the cervix.She loves to be masturbated by my caressing her mound and clit with very little penetration. I don't think that the G-Spot is important to her at all if it exists. She loves penis penetration but says that it feels best when I am a little softer, not fully erect. I've looked at many pictures of vaginas and can say that I like most everything about my wife's. If I could change anything, I guess I woauld have it a lighter color.

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