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A vagina synonym is Pussy
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Vagina Survey
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May 8
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My outer lips are plump, I wish they not so full. The color is darker than my skin tone, I am white. My husband would like for me to shave everything but its shaved mostly around the lower lips and boody hole with the rest is kept very short. My inner labia lips are very short, maybe a quarter of an inch or less and are a dark to lighter pink towards the opening. My clitorus is very small and I wish it was bigger. it sticks out only when my husbands penis is in me, I guess it pushes it out. My opening is small where a smaller one is more comfortable like maybe 4 to 4.5 inches around. My husband is 5.5 inches around to 6.0 at the base.We have to go slow at first. I feel I am medium as far as depth I can take 7 (my husband) and up to 8 inches. My cervix I believe is fairly deep. My G spot is just right inside the opening its so easy to reach and it feels like a grape.I dont ejaculate but there is a white creamy substance that collects around my partners penises, I always wonder what that is and it happens before I climax. I would love to ejaculate but I dont. There is no nick name except coochee. I wish my clit was larger and I had little or no pubic hair.

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May 8
I am female and this is about my vagina.
MY VAGINA has no hair. I like to keep it nice and smooth, so no hair. the skin is soft and smooth and the color of my outside appearance is a nice sandy brown color. I have very thick labia lips, the lip on the right has a freckle on it. the hood is like a soft vulnerable piece of tissue, it's located between the labia, however the clit is this hard little nub, you find in the hood. as for easyness some people can find it very easy, others have no clue.

the opening is dark, moist and there is an aroma, nothing that would cause your nose to walk off your face, I think the vaginal opening is shallow in the beggining but once you get pass a certain point, it can get deep. I feel the cervix, I have tilted uterus. The G-spot, to me is a spot a little bit deeper in the back, not all they way back, and you have to use strokes that keeps the penis strumming over that spot, when my husband hits the spot, everything goes on alert. breathing gets harder, nipples are harder, there's sweat. I call my Vagina...the Chupacabra, why because the chupacabra is a mythical monster, slaughter animals, leaving nothing behind, just a feeling of to go against the Chupa and live to tell the No my Chupie does not spit. I think I would change how big my lips are, though my husband said, that was what he noticed first about me, not my eyes, chest or even if I had all my teeth, just how big my lips were down there.

May 10
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My vagina has rather long, large, fleshy lips that are pink on the inside and of similar texture and color as my husband's scrotum on the outside. If I stand naked and spread my legs slightly, you can see the lips. I have a lot of hair above, around and beneath my vagina. Sometimes if I masturbate while lying on my bed there will be a wet spot on the sheet after I cum. Maybe that's ejaculation. My clitoris is large and easy to find. My husband says my vagina smells and tastes good. Sometimes I lick my fingers, and I guess it tastes good top me, too. When having sex, we call my vagina Pussy. Not very orginal.

May 11
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
I think my wife's vagina is beautiful. She has very small lips, almost imperceptible unless they are touched or spread. There is no color other than her flesh. Inside it is very light pink. The opening is large and easy to penetrate. She has lot of dark, bushy pubic hair. It surrounds her vagina. It forms a large triangle above her vagina and extends to her anus. She never shaves, but sometimes trims it if she is going to wear a bathing suit. When aroused, her clit is very large and very sensitive, particularly to oral sex. I think her vagina smells wonderful and tastes delicious.

May 13
I am female and this is about my vagina.
My Vagina is rather plump and my labia is like a flowers pedals opening and is darker then my skin tone. My clit, very sensative, a small hard nub that gets very plump when played with. When I play with my nipples my clit tingles and at times I can make myself orgasm. My husband says my vagina is small and tight with good muscle tone, and able to take all of him in, thanks to kegle exercise. I can feel a great sensation when my husband fingers me and plays with my cervix. My G-spot is firm and spongy and with cliteral stimulation my orgasms are more intense. We have no special names and I would not change a thing!

May 13
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
my partners vagina has to be the most fascinating one I have ever is very small in appearance with very small lips.her clitoris is fantastic and she loves me to lick her to orgasm, and drinking her wonderful wet juices afterwards.her g-spot feels very velvety.she is completely shaved.her vagina has a very tight feel about it when having sex, and does ejaculate a small squirt of cum coloured liquid.

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May 13
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Konnichiwa, Hi...Im Mr.L My partner is in her lates 20's and as you may have guessed she is Japanese. I always seen Oriental pussy in pornos, But now I enjoy her erotic Vagina from the Far East. Her Vagina has thick rather straight black pubic hair that she keeps as natural and uncut as possible; because I asked her to not to shave. And her vaginal hair extends down along her labia majora , but its very not as concentrated their, towards the area between her vagina and her ass the hairs grow very small then it goes completly smooth around her anal area, As many oriental girls have hairless asses. The color of her vaginal lips are almost a very light tan color and the rest of her outer pubic and ass are creamy white and smooth. Her labia majora is my favorite. It looks like a fat Peach from behind; I mean she has the most naturally engorged labia than any other girl I have known. I always wanted to meet a girl like that! As she becomes aroused her labia become fuller and blush slightly, It is then that her clitoral hood looks like a little foreskin. When she is fully aroused the tip of her clit is visible and it pops out lik

May 15
I am male and this is about my partner's vagina.
Her vagina is brown/tan in color. It is a soft, warm bulge and it's labia are about a quarter inch thick and they easy stay folded open when she's aroused.It is semi-tight it seems when she lets her patch grow out - something I love but she doesn't. She has had one child already and says that it's not as tight as it once was. Her clit is very easy to find and it's like a firm, smooth button under a layer of hot, moist skin. I can feel the cervix and she has said that I've hit her G-spot on many occasions. Her vagina has no nickname - yet. On two occasions she has ejaculated and to be honest the first time if frightend me because I didn't know what it was and neither did she. Only later when a doctor explained what it was did it go from being scary to something we've worked on achieving again and did so once after. The first time it happend it gushed out and seemed to 'pump' itself out a few times. The second time it just dribbled out. If there was one thing I could change about her vagina is a little problem she has from time to time when air gets caught inside her vagina and queefs out. I'm kind of uncomfortable with that condition. It has happend several times upon repeated penetrations.

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May 16
I am female and this is about my vagina.
my outer lips are quite plump and are a slightly darker colour to my fairly pale skin tone. My inner lips protrude slightly beyond my outer ones and are sort of crinkly. my clitoris is very visible with a hood that makes it look as though it is trying to peek out. I have far too much dark pubic hair, but have tried shaving without much success, as I got too much irritation, so hairy it is. I have some fairly massive scarring to the right of my vagina caused when I had to have my leg amputated from the hip ten years ago.I think the length of vagina is about average. My hubby likes it anyway, and he is about average in size(I think)